Monday, April 24, 2006

Busy Bee

Haven't blogged in a while, forgotten and been rather busy. Exams coming up! Ech, lots of revision to do. Luckily I recently discovered a few ways that I can revise quite well. Using pretty colours seems to help too...
I'm in a very singy mood right now, not quite sure why though... Kinda odd seeing as I haven't had a particularly spectacular day or anything.
Been missing NZ quite a lot recently, not sure why now but... yeah. That's life.
Got to do lots of art... I'm doing Botanical Illustration for my exam - Native NZ plants. So I've got to do loads of artist studies and studies of NZ plants and sketches of final-piece ideas etc... Don't even know which of the two exam sessions I'm doing... Need to find out.
I'm going to wean off reading for a bit, I really need to do more revision and less reading. It seems to be working at the mo. The main annoying thing about revision at home is that my computer doesn't like the revision site and so it restarts sometimes when I press the 'done' button so I never get to see my overall results; luckily I do get the answers along the way. But yeah.
Gotta do lots of stuff (e.g. update site, revision, LOTS OF DRAWINGS) and so I'd better go now

(There you go Chels, I blogged, you can stop bugging me now :P)


ski said...

I seem to have the same problem as you, over reading!!! ah well tis fun.
I DON'T WANNA LEAVE SCHOOL! I thought that bringing in my leaving book would be fun, but no, it just reminds me how little time we have left and makes me cry when people write adorable things and i realise just how much im gonna miss em!

ski said...

Looking on your site, I realise what random munchkins we have for friends, e.g. 'come here, let me grope your hair'. ah, you gotta luv em!!!

Hazelnut said...

lol, indeedy. I'll definately miss school but hey, it's just another stage of life right? Still I had a lot of memories there, my first school in England! Yeah, well, Love you tooooo :)
You must keep in contact with me!! But if you're going to the same college as me it will hopefully be easier :)