Monday, March 20, 2006

Letters from Khruschev

Well, just got home from school. Been very busy with lots of school stuff, I get my Art exam paper on Wed and get to start lots and lots of prep work, whoopie (do you sense my sarcasm?). Anyway, I just had History, I couldn't really concentrate in it til the end, but thats like with most subjects today. We keep having trial tests in every subject and tests every lesson is just really not fun or brain stimulating. I feel like my brain is turning into goo when I'm in tests for too long... But as I was saying, just had History, we were doing the cuban missile crisis and I filled in letters from Khruschev to Kennedy, Chelsea said I should put them on here so I thought why not, so here you go...

On the 22nd of October 1962, President Kennedy announced a blockade and called on the USSR to withdraw it's middiles from Cuba.

Letters (black parts were already there, blue parts are what I wrote)

23rd of October:

Dear Kennedy
Sorry, Soviet ships won't be paying attention to your little blockade. And we don't have nuclear missiles anyway.
Love Khruschev

26th of October:
Dear Kennedy
Maybe we do have missiles, but they're just defensive, honest. If the USA promises not to participate in an attack on Cuba and the Blockade is lifted then the request to remove missile sites will be much easier to consider.
Hugs & missiles kisses
Love Khrushchev xxx

27th of October:
Dear Kennedy
Actually, now I think about it, if you take your little missiles off Turkey then I suppose I can manage the removal of the missiles from Cuba.
Thanks a bunch,
Love Khrushchev xxx

However on the 27th of October 1962 an American U-2 plane is shot down over Cuba, the pilot is killed, the President is advised to launch a counter-attack on Cuba but he waits. He decided to ignore the second letter by Khrushchev but agrees to the first (How could he agree with the first? :S). He claims if the Soviet Union does not withdraw from Cuba an attack will follow.

28th of October:
Dear Kennedy
As I am the better person, I mean you have to admit I'm quite handsome, anyway, yes, a new order has been issured to keep the peace. The USSR will remove the 'offensive' weapons and take them back to Russia.
The more peaceful, better looking, and generally better man --->
Love Khruschev xxx

So there you go, I hope you find it interesting, or something. It was a slightly more interesting account of the letters and so I hope it'll help me remember the content...

So if anything interesting happens upon my path I will try to remember to type it on this lovely blog.


ski said...

ah, yes history. it was interesting seeing as the teacher didnt even know what she was talking about. 'the USA put missiles on Cuba, which made the USA feel threatened'?
Ah well, i guess we were the only ones to notice...

Hazelnut said...

Yep, the rest of the class wasn't listening lol. And then today 'the policy of appeasement' rather than 'the policy of containment', quite different things. She must have been teaching Year 10 before us lol.

ski said...

Yea and she must have to repeat a lot of things for them considering their chav population and miniscule brain capacity. At leadt someone else noticed that she made a mistake today. Even if it was Emma.

ski said...

* I meant 'at least' not 'at leadt'

ski said...

My dear! I hope you are having a fab holiday!!!!!!!!! write on your blog. or else....................