Friday, February 03, 2006

Would Rant...

But I can't be bothered. I've ranted at my sister and in my letter to my bestest friend so I don't need to rant about an extremely annoying, unnecessarily so, man in my puppet group/church. AAARRRGH. But anyway, no time now. Me and Anna attempted to make an anagram for the books of the bible. We agreed on the first five, I made the rest and she's trying to remember them, hehe.

This is the acronym thingy:

God Extremely Loves Noble Deeds; Jealous Jews Ran; Strange Short Kings twice Chronically ill Eat Nice Eggs; Jews Pray; Perfect Eggs Sing In July; Lazy Eggs Don't; Hating July An Orange Juice Man Named His Zebra Haggai Zechariah Malachi.

Matey Meet Lovely Julie A Real Crazy toucan; Galactic Enterprises Pressure Colonies; There's two Towers; The People Hate Jellybeans, two Pouting, three Jellybeans Join Rejoicing.

Some day I'll add the actual books to this... Hmm.... now Anna's making me guess the book names without looking at anything but my acronym... bit stuck though I am up to Lamentation...

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