Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Boys are stupid, Throw rocks at them

This is an interesting comment which I've heard in relation to my day today.

Today was alright in general, the only thing that bothered me was break time and my way home from school. At first break I went to the library (the place I go every break, every day) and found it closed due to examinations, I was rather disappointed and decided I'd go outside by the sports hall where a large group of people gather every break to chat and enjoy themselves, many of these people are my friends and I feel very comfortable hanging round with them so I went out and talked with them. It just happened that this was the day when a large group of boys from our year thought it would be extremely funny to kick a football in our direction and see who it hit. The first kick hit me on my back/arm. This annoyed me strongly but there wasn't much I could do about it and I didn't think they'd start kicking it again and again, I happened to be wrong on this occasion. Another stupid boy was one in our group who managed to catch the ball once when it was thrown at them and instead of keeping it or stopping the boys from getting it, guess what he did, he threw it back to them in a casual manner. How very kind. They consequently began to kick it at us again. I was hit again on the same arm and I got fed up and so I walked off in the direction of the girls toilets, they were lucky that they didn't kick the ball at me again otherwise I think I'd have got extremely angry and done something about it. Not something rash like tried to fight them or something, that's stupid, but instead I would probably have simply identified all of them and tried to get them in as much trouble as possible which I would probably have been able to achieve seeing as all the teachers trust and believe me due to me being a nice honest little prefect, or something. The thing is that I don't really hold a grudge against any of the boys except Vinny, he's a complete idiot who should really have rocks thrown at him and I can't say I'd feel that much was lost if he was hit by a bus. The rest of my day went pretty well but at the end of the day I discovered that netball would not be taking place due to the fact that there were only about five of us from my year and so I started walking out of the school past the netball court. There was a group of boys partially in my way, some were on bikes and one of them was Vinny. I didn't see them as much of a threat due to the boys not generally having a grudge against me and plus they're not that smart but I suppose that adds to their dangerousness as they are ignorant of any proper manners. Vinny said to another boy 'Toss us the ball', terrible grammar, and feigned kicking the ball at me - vaguely realisticly, maybe he should try a career as an actor, maybe in a pantomine - I'm quite proud to say that I hardly flinched, I just continued walking and ignored them. Good thing really because I don't need to get stressed again, I've got enough stress at the moment. I often find myself wanting to scream. Or learn karate. Either way.

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