Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Netball Tournament

Just played in the netball tournament. We lost all three games and I only played 6 mins - half of one game. We weren't expecting to win as we'd not practised together at all really. We've been focusing on exams and revision classes etc. rather than netball. But it was fun, there was quite a bit of annoyance and general mild bitchiness due to various things. We learnt how to shove your hand in the line of vision of a shooter, though I didn't really manage to do this. During the game when we were sitting on the sidelines Hayley said to our defence "Stab her eyes!" when she really meant to say "Cover her eyes!" so that was quite amusing... Yes, it was an interesting game and Nome wanted to moonie the courts on our way out but was in the wrong side of the minibus, it would have been an interesting way to end the 'friendly' tournament. I know not everyone was friendly, we've heard about the girl who said to Char "Move out my way, bitch" but you know, in general it wasn't bad. I envy the height of some of the girls, if I was taller I'd be far better coz generally I'm sort of the medium height that means I find it hard to play low and bounce passes are a bit tricky (with attackers between you and the person) and I find high passes hard and aren't tall enough to intercept that often. But hey, I'll survive.

Will come on when the outage is over and repost Carols '90s kid' thingy... Bit late to do it now - before the outage. Au Revoir.

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