Saturday, February 11, 2006


Whooo! hehe, just got back from badminton, it was absolutely fantastic. I love badminton. Didn't realise what I'd missed for so long. I used to play it a bit in NZ with my family and others from our church but playing it today with the youthgroup was so fun. I came home feeling really bouncy like an energiser bunny. I don't understand why some people were knackered, we only played for two hours. I could have played for at least another hour. But it was fantastic, took a little while for me to get back into the habit of actually hitting the shuttlecock but once I had I was going really well - when we first got there I didn't remember how to serve (hey, in my defence the last time I played was when I was 11) but it was an awful lot of fun.

Heh, one of the rackets broke - I was playing with this racket and it was a bit wobbly - I mentioned this to my partner, Johannes and he offered to swap so I said alright and when he smashed the racket down on the shuttlecock the racket went flying towards Bec (one of our opponents) leaving him with the handle. So that was interesting, we had to go and rent a racket (this was Chris's racket - one guy in the youth group) so that we could keep playing. There were 9 of us in all playing on 2 courts (one person off per game(s))

But yeah, it was great fun, Wish I could play weekly, it'd definately up my fitness which would be fantastic, only problem is we're a bit tight with money, but if I can earn the money we might be able to... But I have to say badminton is fantastic :)

Now I'd better go to sleep - I might feel the exhaustion once I start relaxing...

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ski said...

2 words- 'energised bunny!!!' i apologise for going along and commenting on your blogs xx