Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hello my dear friends,

I have had a rather blech day. Woke up, went to school (still half asleep) and yeah. Had a sleepover on Fri with Tannya and Kat which was brilliant! Went with them to see Elizabethtown too which was really good. Time raced by. Read lots recently, now onto 'Jake Black' by A.J. Butcher. Good book so far, good series. Not much to say today really... can't think of much. Gonna go to Xmas concert singy thingy tomorrow to see if I can perform in it, Well I will be seeing as the music teacher asked me to but you get the gist.

Oh yes, Tannya finally dyed her hair black. I wasn't sure how it'd look. Doesn't look too bad I suppose, I think she would've looked better with just black underneath. I think black hair makes her look a bit unhealthy lol but I suppose she wanted the very pale look so, yeah. Well she likes it anyway which is what matters :D. Back to reading...

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