Thursday, November 17, 2005


I really don't like my Seperate Science teacher, she just... argh!!! She really gets on my nerves. She told me off today for being lary. I was simply stating the obvious she failed to see, I quote:
"What are you doing it on? (Presentation, she meant verbally/powerpoint etc.)" - Mrs R.
"This *point*" - Me
"Powerpoint?" - Mrs R.
"Well thats what it is isn't it" - Me
Then she was all "Excuuuuse me! I don't have to put up with this" etc.
She told our class she wanted to just walk out, the people in our corner were hoping she would. She did for a bit, yeah, we want to get rid of her soon as possible. Any teacher who we actually learn from would be far better, I'm sure she's a nice person but she's a rather crap teacher if you get the gist.

Apart from that today was alright... Went shopping and got some black felt for my art project and some red glitter card for potential christmas card making. Gotta get round to that sometime... Need to update site too. Hmm... too much homework.
Gotta get S. Science presentation done for Monday, how annoying. It's not like she really gave us time to do it or organise it or anything, course not! *sigh*. Babbling is good. Nyah, how much do I really know about Sulphuric Acid anyway? And how much do I care? Zilch.

This year is the year in school I should be caring the most, unfortunately it is quite the opposite, I get frustrated and give up, I'm getting worse at school, not so good *sigh*. But it is my grades and I will have to live with them afterwards. Got plenty to do... too much... gonna explode due to stress...
*breathe* Caaaalm. Ah, feel better now.

Now I have finished my babbling. Been reading again, quite good book I suppose. Borrowed All American Girl: Ready or Not from the library, that should be pretty good. Should do History homework... *ponders* hmm...

Oh yes! I have an interview at the college I am pretty sure I wanna go to, finally! There was a delay coz... I'm special and they had to sort out some extra stuff, nyah. Got it on Monday 10am, wish me luck!


ski said...

Please Don't Exlode.

ski said...

* I meant explode, but don't exlode either lol, whatever that is

Hazelnut said...

lol, ok, I'll try not to