Wednesday, October 12, 2005

First Post!

Hehe, I have a blog *grins* Ingenius.
It will be useful to have something to ramble on to, fun fun.

Note: visit my site - lots of quotes...

Heh, Tannya's weird. Kathryn said I thieved her mother (I don't understand why...) and Tannya said that I don't, I theive daddys and use them for my experiments of doom... And apparently I use hamsters on wheels to power these experiments... I have odd friends.

Science was brilliant! Lots of fun, experiment with dough - yeast, fermentation etc. Me and Tannya had a dough fight thing and it was lots of fun... I couldn't stop laughing, luckily we didn't have too much to get done.

Anyway, I'm happy to have something to babble on.

Heh, today Chelsea and Tannya were talking about eye-colours. Tannya's eyes change colour a bit and have yellow splodges according to her, and then Chelsea said her eyes change from blue to green. So I told her that her eyes were made of water... the sea. And she said my eyes are made of trees, I argued that they would also be green sometimes. So apparently I have tree eyes.

It would be kinda cool to have 'tree' eyes. They're brown in winter, green and brown in spring and summer and then in the autumn I could scare people with my cool brown, red and orange eyes... *insert evil laugh here*

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