Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Regina Spektor

I've been going through a mild Regina Spektor phase recently. The only song I've really heard of hers previously was 'The Call' as I had searched it after hearing it at the cinema at the end of 'Prince Caspian'. I have vague memories of looking up some of her other music at the time but didn't become particularly enamoured with it. However, recently I have re-listened to some of her songs and come to love them.

I have become especially partial to a bit of 'On the Radio' (embedded below). I actually performed a cover of it (piano and voice) a couple of weeks ago at an open mic night (the first and only one I've ever played at! Was very nervous). I did the clapping bit in the intro and everyone started clapping along with me which I hadn't really expected, but it was rather cool :). I think it's a really beautiful song.

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