Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Little Classical Music

I've recently begun to listen to some classical music while at uni, and am rather enjoying it. I've found that I do tend to prefer to listen to solely piano music rather than another instrument or something more orchestral. The downside to listening to this is that I often get distracted and just want to go play the piano. Luckily since I listen to it whilst at uni, I cannot do so and therefore I waste less time than I might! (Though I suppose I'm wasting a little time by blogging about it...).

I'm currently listening to music that I found just by searching 'relaxing piano' in Spotify, though I did search some other composers to find other music. I rather like Tchaikovsky, though recently I've been favouring a bit of Debussy instead. That's for a little more calming music. Chopin is also rather nice, and I've recently discovered that I rather like a little Prokofiev. I was aware of the style of Prokofiev's music, but had not listened to much of it until yesterday, it's rather feisty :), not the best to keep me calm and focused on uni work, lol, so I've had to abandon that while in uni!

A couple of pieces I particularly like (and could find on YouTube) from the ones I've been listening to the last couple of days are:

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