Sunday, August 14, 2011

Soul Survivor 2011 - Music (Part 1)

I absolutely love the new songs that they played at Soul Survivor this year - I just got back from week B where I was doing seminar recording, and I'm doing it again at Momentum in a few days.

There were quite a lot of songs that were new to me this year, I was a bit sad that some of the new ones from last year weren't very present - particularly 'My Praise Overflows' which I really loved. I also noticed that they played 'Our God' by Chris Tomlin rather a lot (this was Week B).

Anyway, in this post I will put some of the amazing songs that were played that were new to me, not including the ones from this year written by Soul Survivor Watford which I'll make another post for so I can include as many lyrics as possible.

The one below was a new one to me, it's 'One Thing Remains' by Jesus Culture, the chorus is my favourite bit :).

I was chatting to my sister about this one below, and we both really liked how it said 'we are here for you' rather than talking about stuff God can do for us. But instead we are here to worship God for his glory.

This next one, 'We are the Free' by Matt Redman, was the sort of 'Oh oh oh' anthem from this year, they tend to have a different one each year, works really well in a festival setting...

The next video is actually a 'how to' by one of the guys who wrote it. It's 'Once in Darkness' by Luke Hellebronth, Beth Croft and David Gate. You can find the chords or hear it at Worship Central. It was played quite a lot at SSB, particularly the last couple of days, it's a really good song.

This last one is actually last year but I hadn't heard it before - I was at Momentum last year but was on Catering so missed or was late to a lot of the main meetings. It's 'Light the Sky' by Jamie Rodwell.

So those are all the ones I particularly wanted to put on my blog, I hope you enjoy them like I did :). I'm in the process of doing another post to follow this with lyrics of some of the new Soul Survivor Watford songs, so that should be up shortly...

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