Friday, January 14, 2011

Breathe a sign of relief...

Two reasons for a sigh of relief, one reason to stress...

First reason to sigh in relief - this morning I handed in my essay and 1 minute video which is the result of my second module. So that is now all sorted, yay! I also had to hand it in via the website 'turnitin' which was a bit more confusing but I have also done that now. Breathe.

Second reason to sigh in relief - I just finished my driving lesson. I was rather tense for parts of my lesson today, I have a few too many things on my mind. Some parts of the lesson were lovely, and I drove smoothly, I learnt how to do reverse bay parking and when I tried reversing between two parked cars I didn't hit them (always good). However some parts of my lesson were quite worrying, I made two major mistakes, one was starting to turn right when I was supposed to be going left and had indicated and everything, but my mind was distracted... the other one was doing a U-turn instead of a right turn on a dual carriageway. Whoops. At least with that one I wouldn't have confused other drivers as I signalled in all the correct ways... I had a few other slips but they weren't major. Lots of stop-start traffic jams today...
Well, my driving instructor was quite encouraging and did say I drove well except for a few uncharacteristic slip-ups, so I hope that everything will be alright next week!

One reason to stress - DEADLINE ON MONDAY. For EVERYTHING I've done this semester. Aaah! Got lots of stuff to do before then, and I have to make sure that everything is legible, makes sense and is easy to navigate for the assessors. I also need to write a self evaluation. I'm relatively confident in my ability, I just know I've got loads to do!

Lol, you know when I'm having a stressful week - just looked at my finances, and it seems I've bought something chocolate every day since Monday... (45p reduced chocolate muffins from Sainsbury's yesterday! :D)

Also, we've already got our new brief for an event coming up that we are to be working on during the assessment period, but I want to be doing other stuff! I think it'll be really good fun though, will hopefully be able to post some things about that in a couple of weeks.

On another note, I am still very behind on BIOY, but am significantly less behind then I was when I left for Christmas (I caught up by about a month but still have another week or 2 as I haven't done any of it this week). Finding it difficult to find the time which is frustrating because it's really interesting!

I will post about more exciting things at some point soon... I still need to put up some pictures of my very awesome new docs, they're black and white and spotty :).

I am also considering posting some of my video work - need to put it up on YouTube first...
Anywho, got to go, I'm still at uni and so better get on with some work!

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Jingle Bella said...

Hey sweetpea!

Sounds like you are managing to keep up with things mostly. Well done!

I hope everything goes well with working stuff out for Monday :) good luck!