Thursday, September 16, 2010

'Before I Fall' by Lauren Oliver

This is a book that I just read the other day and thought was excellent.
I spotted it in the library on a display shelf and had a quick look and it looked interesting so I thought I'd borrow it.
I read it all in one go, though it's a pretty big book.
I think the cover is beautiful.

It's about a teenage girl who sort of gets stuck in a groundhog day situation, she dies in a car accident and then wakes up the morning of the day she died. I thought it was a really interesting idea written well, though is a rather emotional book!

I found it really interesting at the beginning because it's about a teenage girl quite like other teenagers I've known, though she wouldn't really be my sort of person, if I knew her I might not be that interested in become a close friend. However, as it goes on you see a bit more depth in the character and as her final day continues to loop, you see her begin to develop and change as a result of what's happening.

It's definitely worth a read :).

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