Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Amazing Fanvids

Well, I spent more time yesterday browsing through various fanvids on YouTube - particularly those of one of my favourite creators, Leila.

One fantastic one that I hadn't seen before was a Harry/Luna video - I hadn't really watched many others, but this is definitely the only good one I've seen. The song is perfect for Luna (it's 'Not Like The Other Girls' by The Rasmus) and the use of clips from Uptown girl for Luna and her mum works brilliantly. See for yourself...

Another one with a great song is this video which uses 'Come Back To Me' by Trading Yesterday. I'd not heard it before but loved it when I did - I've now learned to play it on the piano (just chords apart from the intro, but I couldn't find them anywhere so had to figure them out).

I also came across a couple of my old favourites which both use the same song by Barlowgirl, but unfortunately the soundtrack had been removed on Youtube. The creator of one of them has made it available to download so I've done that and then uploaded it on here (it's got an edited version of the song, so it doesn't quite work if you just play the song while the video is playing...) However, for the other one, I've found another video with the song on it, so it works if you play it with the other one. The song is 'Never Alone'.

I managed to find the sheet music for it (I really wanted to learn it), and it's not too difficult, however it is 11 pages - which don't all fit on my piano. About 9 is my limit, and that's covering up the speakers and a bit of keys... Decided to memorise it - I've memorised almost all of it now :). It's a bit hard to remember because though there is some repetition, there are lots of slight variations, or some bits you would expect to be the same (verse 1 and 2 or the chorus and the next chorus) are different...

Anywho, here is the video with the song:

Play the one above with this one - it's a fanvid about Hermione, after Harry and Ron have been killed, and she keeps seeing them everywhere, but are they just memories or is it something else? (This one is a tiny bit longer than the song, but it works fine)

This is the one I downloaded and uploaded...
The video is about Susan Pevensie after 'The Last Battle' when all of her siblings are gone... (Chronicles of Narnia fanvid, if you didn't know) The original (soundless) version is here.

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