Friday, January 15, 2010

We are one tonight

There is an awesome video for a Switchfoot song that Matt showed me the other day. I decided that it was so cool that I should share it with the world. See below :).

I also love the new Switchfoot album 'Hello Hurricane' and I really want to buy it. The sound is quite different to the other music of theirs that I have listened to but I quite like it.

I'm having a great time back at uni - missed my friends loads, so it's great to be spending so much time with them (almost 24 hours a day... everyday...) They're amazing. Though we've had pretty much no sleep this week. Jess is currently asleep on my bed and Harly is half asleep and Matt is listening to music because he doesn't feel so sleepy (we put him in my bed to go to sleep for a few hours this morning because he was becoming non-responsive, lol). I still haven't really slept since yesterday morning, so that's kind of interesting...

In other news, I shall be having an interesting hair cut sometime soon - I have given Jess free reign to do whatever she wants with my hair, and she's told me roughly what she's planning to do and it sounds quite cool. Not sure exactly when we'll do it, but sometime this weekend I think.

Planning to get a proper night's sleep tonight as I haven't really had one this week. We're all going on a much needed shopping trip tomorrow. I really need to get some more clothes (possibly some warmer ones, it's getting pretty chilly now). It's also really icy at the moment, which makes it an interesting trip down to college...

We viewed a house today, the first one we've seen, in preparation for where we're going to live next year. It was pretty horrendous. We've decided it's a definite no. We shall need to do a bit more searching soon. In fact I think that's one of the things we're supposed to be doing now (rather than falling asleep on my bed...).

Anywho, just thought I'd put a quick update. The only reason I really wanted to do it was to upload the Switchfoot video because it has such awesome transitions and stuff.
Beautifully made :). Enjoy!

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