Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Bunny!

I'm really happy with how today has gone, or really how yesterday has gone, since it's already a couple of hours into Thursday.

I had my semester assessment in the afternoon, and after worrying about it quite a bit, I managed to do it all in good time and it went really smoothly - the two tutors I had were really friendly and encouraging which was lovely. I did have to leave my work with them in the end (they were taking 5% of the people's work and mine was one of the 5% - so was Harly's and Matt's).

Jess left to go home just before I went for my assessment, and Harly went home a bit later in the early evening, so Matt and I were left on our own. We had no idea what to cook for dinner so went to Tesco and did a wander round and shop, and we came back and attempted to make Sweet and Sour Chicken with rice. I wasn't sure how it would turn out as I hadn't ever made it before, it could have been either extreme, but we agreed in the end that it was definitely a success :). After this we ended up watching the entire first series of Fawlty Towers (which I had never seen before - but Matt had seen loads of times), which I found very entertaining :P. He's planning to educate me in the Mighty Boosh and Monty Python in the near future - which I am very happy about, should be good fun.

Right, I should really go to bed now as we're going shopping tomorrow... I just felt like blogging.
I'm so happy my assessment is done and went well! :)

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Jingle Bella said...

I think you'll probably enjoy the Mighty Boosh and Monty Python so long as you're in the right company (and Matt sounds like the right company). I've not seen the Mighty Boosh, but certainly am a fan of python :)

And congrats on your art going so well! Hope the shopping is also successful :)