Thursday, August 20, 2009

Actual Results

Well, I finally got through to see my results. Rather annoyed at my art results, I got a B when I was expecting an A. My teacher told me that my first module was 'about an A' and that she expected I should get an A, so to get a mid-B is very annoying. Particularly as I spent all of this year working like crazy on this one subject! *sigh*. Well, it doesn't really matter anymore as I got where I wanted to get. It's just annoying.
I'm wondering how everyone else in my art class did, I was supposed to one of the top few in my class and if I got a B and C in my modules I wonder if the others did much worse. Hopefully most people did alright...

But aside from that, I got an A in AS English Language (yay!) which cheered me up a bit. I don't get my GCSE Spanish results until next week I think. It looks like I failed one of my Sign Language modules which is a bit unexpected, I passed the other one though. So overall I have 2 passes and 1 fail, not sure what that means for overall but don't mind that much... Though I'll be quite amused if anyone else passed that as I'm one of the few people who actually paid any attention in Sign Language, lol. Though actually, that module may have been the one that some people got to redo because our teacher didn't work the video recorder very well. If I failed because it was in comparison to some people doing it a second time, I'll be really pissed off. Not that I'll ever actually know that, but yes...

Oh yes, and I did even worse in my maths retake than the first time round, which I wasn't sure was possible, lol. Seven marks less, still an E. But hey, I still have a B in Maths overall.

Looking at these results makes me really worry about my lack of work in the past year. I thought I worked quite hard this year but I know I could have worked harder. Ah well, all done now. Only a month and a bit until Uni! How scary.

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