Thursday, April 02, 2009

Woot woot! Achievement! :)

I'm not quite sure why, I seem to like making sound effects like 'woot woot' recently. Not quite sure why... but anyway.

Today didn't start off great, I woke up late, when I finally left and was partway to the station I realised that I hadn't adjusted and printed off my English coursework which was due today. I had to go all the way home, adjust the coursework, then put it on a usb stick (seeing as our printer has decided that it doesn't have a yellow ink cartridge - even though it does - and that it will not print anything, even just in black and white), I then got the next train to college, went and printed off the coursework and then went to my second lesson. Luckily first lesson was only tutorial, but even so, I did feel rather bad about it (I did ring in to let them know I was going to miss it. I'm like that.)

The rest of my day went fairly smoothly, choir wasn't on so I actually got to have a lunch break today. I had some proper lunch and then I also bought some Wonka® Nerds (Sour ones). They've started having them in Budgens only in the last week or so I think. I've seen people with them. But yes, I ate some during my lunchtime and shared the rest with Nadine in Art (basically the only thing I did in art - I also forgot my art folder this morning). Ah, the candy of my childhood. Loves.

Anyway, I then had to hurry off home after college because I would only have half an hour or so to get everything ready before going back to college for prizegiving - I got the award for Psychology. Woot woot :).
But as soon as I got home I saw, on the floor by the front door, a letter to me from Trinity Guildhall. I grabbed it and sliced it open straight away (with a letter opener, rather than with my hands, which could have magical slicing powers but don't). I got 75/100 on my grade 8 piano exam. That means that I got a merit. A MERIT! :D Only by one mark (the boundary was exactly 75) but still! I wasn't even sure I'd pass! But I did well and truly pass (pass mark was 60). So I was very very happy.

I spent quite a while then trying to ring everyone (Ingrid's - my piano teacher's- phone was engaged, Mum's work phone was engaged, I managed to get hold of Carol and she was the first person I actually told, then I told Dad, then I texted Heather, then I finally got hold of mum and told her and eventually, a bit later, when I was on my way to college again, I managed to tell Ingrid).

Then I had to rush off back to college. I had to be there at half 6 (it started at half 7). Had to register and shizzle, saw Chelsea which was very cool as I haven't seen her in aaaaaaages, also saw other people I know which was good :). I didn't trip over when I went to collect my prize. Always good. I got a £25 giftcard for WHSmith so that's made me quite happy, I can buy some art stuff :) or a book perhaps. Or maybe a combination. *shrugs*

I also saw my cousin Rach (who got a Principal's award - general academic excellence I think) who I've lent all of my Twilight books to, and she told me she loved them and was going to spend her giftcard on those, lol. I thought she'd be like me with these particular books, lol. Good times.

But yes, after the prize giving mum, dad and me all went to the Harvester and had dinner which was very filling and very nice. Now I've just got home. I'm rather knackered. Am going to watch bits of 'The Importance of Being Earnest' before going to bed. Have also got out 'Much Ado About Nothing' which I plan to watch sometime in the next week or so. I did mean to e-mail Bekah back but I think I'll have to do that tomorrow.

Night night.