Friday, November 21, 2008


I was so hyper today when I got home :). I was very happy as I received 4 letters! (Ok, some may not consider it many but for me it's a momentous occasion). One from Carol, One from Sarah (my best friend in NZ), One (to the family) from Sarah's family (a kind of family newsletter, plus a christmas card :D) and one from UCAS to let me know my application had been received. I meant to write back today but I ended up having to tidy all my stuff away from downstairs (as mum and dad were having guests over for a prayer meeting thingy). This basically consisted of my transferring all my belongings from downstairs to my bedroom upstairs. This took roughly 45 minutes. I then proceeded to remain in my room from when the first guest arrived to when the last left (excepting a momentary interlude when I went downstairs to grab a hot chocolate). Throughout this time I was tidying my room. So far I have spent about 3 hours tidying it. It is significantly tidier though not completely tidy. I am going to give up now as it is 25 minutes to midnight and I feel tired and achy. I think I might go downstairs and cut up some mango and strawberries and have some grapes as well for desert.
I've been up late every night this week for one reason or another (Monday - Compassionart launch, Tuesday - Life Drawing Class, Wednesday - Bible study group, Thursday - Frantically writing an essay I forgot to do/didn't have time to do before, that was due today, Tonight - TIDYING!). Hopefully tomorrow I will have an earlier night. Ech, have to work tomorrow. I need rest.

I did mean to write a long blog about Compassionart as the launch was fantastic - Graham Kendrick, Israel Houghton and Martin Smith were there (they both talked about the project and performed). It's for a fantastic cause, I would definitely advise you to buy the CD as all the money goes towards helping the various charities chosen by the artists. For more information have a look at the website (same link as above).

In other news. I am finding the ITV online catchup thingy extremely frustrating. The BBC one is easy to use, even if it does freeze sometimes if I pause it for too long. I am currently watching a Miss Marple - 'The Moving Finger'. I got almost to the end and then accidentally bumped the mouse at the wrong moment and clicked a link. To go back to the same place I have to click on the button to go to the next chapter, I then have to sit through the repetitive adverts which are un-skipable, and then I have to do this several more times. Also, I managed to go all the way through them and not stop at the right section. There is no button to go back a chapter, only to repeat the same one or to start from the beginning. So I had to start from the beginning again. I think I'm getting fairly close now... It's taken me about 20 minutes so far I think. If I hadn't bumped that button I think I'd have finished watching by now.
Why must they show 3 or 4 adds between every section? One would suffice. It would mean that we don't get the same ads over and over again.

Ooh! There's two episodes of 'Little Dorrit' that I have not yet watched. How exciting :). I considered reading it but after flicking through I think that I'll stick to some slightly easier reads for the moment. I've got a lot of difficult college work etc. going on already without the added brain power needed to decipher cleverly worded sentences.

Right, I'm going to go now, I think it's only one more section to go...
Ten minutes to midnight now. I think I'll aim to be in bed by half past. Gotta get up early tomorrow. Somehow I don't think I'm going to enjoy getting up.

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