Thursday, November 27, 2008

79 e-mails!

I know I haven't checked my inbox for quite a while but seriously! Lol.

My 79 e-mails comprised of:
1 quick e-mail from Carol
4 e-mails from bebo telling me about messages (which were actually just spam/virus things - I didn't click the links)
1 spam e-mail (from an e-mail address with 'viagra' in it)
1 advert from surfdome (I am actually signed up to this one, they have some cool stuff though I rarely buy anything there. I did get my backpack there :D)
1 e-mail from Despair, Inc. (also signed up to this, 'tis fab)
71 from Facebook (mostly from a few people tagging my photos from end of year - thanks btw - but also a friend request, a few other requests and a few messages)

+ 2 spam e-mails in my junk mail (but that doesn't really count)

I've not been feeling very well recently :(. I've got a painful muscle in my left leg, think I must have strained it or something... I've had a bleeding nose today, plus one yesterday and one the day before. And today while I was at college I had shooting pains up and down my right side and some in my chest. I don't know much about health but I do know that chest pains generally aren't good. Hopefully will feel better tomorrow...

I'd better go and do something constructive now, there's lots to do.
Have begun to sort out the junk in the drawers under my bed. I think I will continue this endeavor for a while and then go to bed. Bed!
I have to get my second HPV injection tomorrow :(. Ouchie.

Oh yes, and I bought two books entitled 'Disney's Treasury of Children's Classics' (two different sets of stories of course) from Oxfam the other day. I need to stop looking at books when I go in there. I always end up buying something. The last couple of times it was 2 Agatha Christies and a mini script of 'The Importance of Being Earnest', and 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' (I now have all the Harry Potter books - but little space to put them).
When I am old and rich I shall have a big house with a library :). Then I shouldn't have trouble with space. Though it would be easier to lose books...

Anyway, I am going, really I am...

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