Saturday, July 12, 2008

No Reservations

Loved it. Love Catherine Zeta-Jones in most anything. Hadn't seen Aaron Eckhart in anything before but he's rather cool. Abigail Breslin played the part amazingly, beautiful emotion by both her and Catherine. Made me cry (not that difficult). My brain is too tired to analyse it further.
Good stuff.
Think I'll go drink some water and then flick through the LOTR films before perhaps continuing reading the 'Circle of Magic' series (well, I'm on to 'The Circle Opens' quartet now, which will then be followed by 'The Will of the Empress'). Also, I will soon start reading the christian novel I borrowed from work... and I want to flick through the book of drama sketches as well. And read that recipe book I borrowed from the library, and-
Well, one thing at a time...
Water and Lord of the Rings. Best get to it then.

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