Friday, July 04, 2008

I'm officially knackered

Exercise Summary of today:
Walking -
To the station (20 mins), around the town (where college is), to college (5-10 mins), from college, around other town (back and forth - brought mum lunch etc.), to the leisure centre (15-20 mins), from the leisure centre, to the leisure centre, to Carol's, to the leisure centre (and got driven home).
So overall at least 2 and a bit hours walking (probably more)
Other - Hour and a half working out in the gym with Anna (first trip to the leisure centre), Hour of 'Body Attack' at the leisure centre with Anna (we realised we were mad very quickly but it had seemed a good idea at the time - second trip to leisure centre), Hour of badminton (on/off) with my family (Final trip to the leisure centre).
So that's 3 and a 1/2 hours other exercise

I'm sure there are people who do much more exercise than me and much more regularly but to me this was totally exhausting.

I got so tired at badminton that I got to the stage where I laughed at absolutely everything so much that I couldn't breathe, and at one point I had to go sit down because my eyes were watering and I couldn't see.
But the good thing is that Anna and I have organised to go to the gym 3 times a week together. Oh, I don't remember if I blogged about it but I got a 7 day free pass to the leisure centre (gym/classes/swimming). Need to go sort out a proper membership tomorrow after work. I plan to go swimming a couple times a week as well (the other days). And if we see any classes that look interesting we might join them (but not go to the gym earlier that day). But all in all it was quite fun today. I'll be totally exhausted by the time I get to work tomorrow morning, then I get to look forward to 7 hours mostly standing up! Oh how the joy rains down upon me.

Well, I'm struggling to stand up now so really I need some food and water, some rest, and some good DVD watching (I borrowed 'Penelope' from the library, it's supposed to be rather good, should be entertaining at any rate). Yes yes.

Fly my pretties!

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