Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wow, long time no blog

Hmm... Well, I have now found out how to play 'Love Song' properly on the piano (from a different Youtube video) rather than the way I was playing it before which was only one section replayed through the sections it didn't quite fit into... But yeah.

Since then, have browsed Youtube, found a fantastic piano player called Tim. Am currently in the process of deciphering the notes he's playing in 'Once Upon a December' (from Anastasia), when I say currently I mean I deciphered the first line or so and gave up (realising I was supposed to be revising) and have not yet got back to it. It's particularly difficult to decipher because it's an upside down view and my little brain gets confused. Anyway, do go to his Youtube profile and listen to 'Once Upon a December', it's an absoutely beautiful piece, played wonderfully :).

Oh yes, I discovered earlier today another musician who I think it rather nice to listen to :) - Julia Sykes. So yes, go have a listen :).
Also am currently listening to Coldplay who I have discovered I like very much.
And this morning I learned to play the backing for 'Apologise' by Timbaland on the piano. Quite like it.

I actually really want to learn to play the guitar, I think it would be very good. Hmm, need to cut my fingernails, I've got a piano lesson tomorrow and I can hear then tapping on the keyboard (computer I mean). I might try to learn guitar from one of those DVD teach yourself worship leader ones... Mum said they were quite good.

[That's where I belong, and you belong with me] I like this song. *bobs along*
[You belong with me, not swallowed in the sea, yeah you belong with me, not swallowed in the sea]

Anyway... Oh yes, went into college this morning for my one art lesson and found it was cancelled because of moderating going on! Thanks very much for telling me... But I suppose I wasn't in the last lesson so Franky probs said it then. Ah well, it wasn't a waste, I printed off a couple more FP3 (Maths) papers - exam is on Friday. I should really be revising right now. But I'm browsing the internet and thinking about playing the Sims...

Yes. Have been looking at Unis and stuff recently, have yet to list all the pros and cons and stuff somewhere so I remember. Went to visit a really good one yesterday which is probably where I'll end up going if I get in. Typing of that, I do need to remember to redo my personal statement at some point... hmm.
Anyway, just thought I'd do a quick update before I go waste my time not revising.

Oh! Just remembered I haven't blogged about my whole resolution to be healthy! Can't really be bothered now, lol. But yes, I have resolved to first try and exercise at least half an hour a day other than walking and also to try and slowly revise my eating habits. I'm hoping that I'll be significantly healthier in a years time if I make these adjustments now. Also, have sorted out people (family) to play badminton every Friday so tis good fun :D.

But yes, I'm sorry, I really must go procrastinate. Much love.

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