Sunday, December 02, 2007

Brief update

Yeah, just wrote that huge Pride and Prejudice spiel below :). Great stuff.
In general, I've not had time to blog, have been very consumed with a huge amount of college work, especially the never-ending art which I appear to have lost interest in. Unfortunate that art is what I'm planning to do at Uni...
Gotta go to church soon, I'm on welcome. Church is at 4.00pm today because of something to do with the caretaker or whatever... it's ridiculous that the sun seems to already be slowly setting at this time of day! *sigh* Annoyingness.
Really need to get some work done on my art tonight...
But I have read my history material, done my maths homework (which was rather difficult) and written my Psychology essay in the last two days so I'm fairly happy with what I've got done.
Also recently I've re-watched some of 'A Knight's Tale' (excellent - and Heath Ledger is rather good looking, lol.), watched 'Bridget Jone's Diary', seen most of 'Saving Private Ryan' (Fast-forwarded when it got repetitive - though war is like that isn't it) and rewatched a little of '10 things I hate about you', which since my last blog in October has become one of my favourite films. Also watched a lot of 'Whose line is it anyway' which is a fantastic comedy show which I adore, and which keeps me fairly happy. Also re-read the 'Protector of the Small' series by Tamora Pierce in the last two days. And read a book about making paper aeroplanes. And skimmed 'The Prophecy of the Gems' by Flavia Bujor (who began it aged 12). Done quite a few crosswords and Sudokus.
Wow, it really does seem that I waste a hell of a lot of time... I suppose it doesn't seem like so much when I think about the fact that I often multi-task but still... I should really have got more work done.
And my myspace layout has been spazzing if I try to change it so I'm forever going to have the same 'information about me' up. Though that's not so annoying now I've not really been on myspace...
Mum bought a guitar which I have been vaguely playing with, can now play the chords of A, D and E - consequently can play 'heel and toe' (a kids song mum used to play for the sunday school, lol) and the background to 'Behaviour' by Majandra Delfino (significantly more interesting than heel and toe).
Have been doing Boxercise once a week for the last few weeks, rather fun. Can now do 8 types of punches (well, technically 4 but from each side - they call them by numbers up to 8), plus front kick, front knee and roundhouse kick. Rather enjoyable. Very achy the next day though. Found that songs by Cascada have a good beat for boxing.
Yeah. Anyway. I've gotta go get ready for church. Bye-de-bye.

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