Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Can I help you?

Well, today I went into college to help out with the year 11 introduction day...
Had to wear a t-shirt with the college name on the back and on the front it had 'Can I help you?' stretched across the chest. Not sure they really considered the implications of these t-shirts, lol, though I admit they were fairly amusing and if you're going to have to wear a t-shirt like that you may as well be entertaining.

In other news, need to go on a diet, in other other news, went swimming, was fun, very self conscious though, discovered a new stomach muscle workout - try and swim from one end of the pool to the other half floating on a flutterboard; means my muscles hurt a bit now but oh well. Made lots of faces at Sparkle today, also poked him and Carol quite a bit. Good times.

Had to do some Computing work *sigh*. Annoying. Now I'm really hoping for a good grade in Psych because it means I can continue that instead of the computing. Please, please, please.
Results come out 5 days after Carol's wedding.

Gotta go now, listened to good music recently. Realised I need to do more exercise and eat more healthily (due to a possibility of health problems rather than because I'm one of those skinny girls who pretend they need to lose weight to get attention or because they're insecure when they are in fact medically underweight).

Darn those girls. Especially when they say things like that around girls who are medically overweight. 'I'm fat' from a slim young lady doesn't exactly boost the confidence of the not-so-slim young lady. *sigh* I hate my metabolism.

Anyway, as I was saying, good music, enjoy life, go for a swim, read some fantastic books and don't watch youtube incest shippers videos! (Don't worry, nothing too terrible like films actually including incest, just weird twisted Pevensie shippers I discovered today *shudder*, the Peter/Hermione ones were much better, lol.) I am on the quest to discover some people fantastic at matching scenes so the colours and tones (or just tones in monochrome) match well and make it look really good. And chronologically if it's a slash within a film. I've seen some Hermione/Draco ones that are pretty good matches. And once (I don't know where) I found a really cool Ron/Hermione one with a song about colours fading when they're not around and the person had made the colours actually fade. It was awesome. And one where Ron and Harry had died but Hermione kept seeing them everywhere, and then it turned out she was dead too - that was good because the person managed to fade people out of pictures, I don't understand how.
I really need to get out more.
But you have to admit there are some really great ones out there.

Oh, last minute addition. Me and Sparkle got called pikeys today by chav-looking people, it was v. amusing seeing as we're almost the most opposite thing you could get to pikeys. We agreed on the way out that if they were still there and repeated the 'pikey' comment Sparkle could retort with 'halibut'. Even more previously we were discussing 'University Student' etc. but decided that may make them think we think they're university students or something, lol. Well, thanks to the chavs as they gave us something to entertain us for a short while.
Laughed lots today. Was goodly.
Darn, it's now 12.20 (though this will be posted as earlier).
End of.


ski said...

what's a flutterboard?

Hazelnut said...

Lol, it's a small A4-type-size piece of foam stuff (like boogie board stuff - swimming pool floats - you know what I mean). x