Wednesday, June 06, 2007


It just looks so cool. Check it out for yourself. I so want some! Perhaps I will get some eventually. The blue colour-changing one, the black 'attraction' one and the glow in the dark krypton one look the coolest. There's so much awesome stuff on firebox.

Also, something else I want to buy sometime is some sort of DespairWear t-shirt. See some for yourself here, click the different titles for different ones (e.g. WARNING LABELS, SUBTEXTS™, etc).
I'll put some pictures of my favourites here... once I save and upload them...
Side note: my overall favourites are the 'warning labels' as they are rather amusing :)

The second one -shock hazard - would suit me fairly literally as I've been known as 'Static girl' a couple of times. "Every time we touch..." moments. Lol.

I'm good really... *evil grin*

Lol, nuff said.

Oh so cute! On an adult I think it would be presumptuous, perhaps a conversation starter but others might just consider you an arrogant idiot.

On a different, quick note; my history exam today went alright it was a lot better than I thought it would be so that was good. I had a choice of two questions, the first I would never be able to answer, the second I thought I answered quite well. So that was good. Just got my communications exam and C3 maths to go.

Previous note I also didn't mention, went to Cotswold with my parents 2 weekends ago and it was quite good. Cotswold is very pretty. Went to the model village, that wasn't very exciting but was kind of cool. In general it's just a nice little place. And I got some cool earrings from there. My parents bought a £124 painting which was rather extravagant I must say but I agree that it's absolutely gorgeous. See picture below - note the fact that it doesn't completely convey the beauty of the painting as it was under artificial lighting and is now pixelated. Note: Click for much bigger version.

In other news, I re-read Maskerade and then went to see a play version of it with my family. I was invited to it by my friend Becky who was in it so that was quite cool. It was actually done brilliantly though I thought Perdita's hair should have been different (the girl was wearing a curly blonde wig - I know Perdita is described as having 'good hair' but I always imagined it as a sort of mousy brown bob or something like that) also Christine's hair should have been blonde but it didn't matter too much because the acting of the person playing Christine was brilliant (I've just re-read that and just to note I'm not saying the Perdita actress wasn't good - she was). Nanny Ogg was amazingly well played. Mistress Weatherwax should be skinnier with more natural grey hair and a slightly different appearance but I thought the actress was still excellent. All in all it was really good. Though a quick annoyed note to the person at the theatre who made a mistake and directed us to the wrong theatre which in the end caused us havoc, slight stress and the annoyance of being late to the correct play. We thought it was a bit odd when our seat numbers clashed with other peoples'. But yeah, that's life, people have bad days, it's not their fault really.

Re-read Stormbreaker, excellent book.
In the process of reading a book called 'The Game' - a true story about Neil Strauss - a.k.a. Style, who became an amazing pick-up artist and I don't know the rest as I'm only half-way through. It's a bit dodgy (as can be expected really) and it's not the great but it's intriguing to read about how obsessive people get etc.
Also in the process of re-reading Hogfather and marking it for quotes. It seems to me that there are great quotes on almost every page so as soon as I'm finished there will be a huge page on my quote blog probably quoting the majority of the book. For best effect read the book yourself of course. And some bits you may not understand without reading previous bits. I probably won't pick up on them as I've read it several times. Oh, if you didn't know Maskerade and Hogfather are by Terry Pratchett, amazing author; side point: has a cameo as the toymaker in Hogfather the film. Coolies.

Going now. Quotes to sort out. Sleep to have. Etc.

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