Saturday, May 12, 2007


... was AMAZING. I always love it, it's my sort of thing. If you didn't know it's a christian girls conference that Soul Survivor Church host. I've been a few times, this one was structured a bit differently this time. There was a main session first (as usual) where we sang worship songs, got prayer if we wanted it, had someone talking to us about human traffiking and what we can do about it. We had some thought and prayer about that and were given postcards that we could sign in support of 'stop the traffik'.
After a short lunch break we went on to small workshops that we signed up for at the beginning. This was the different part as usually there are just a variety of workshops which you can go to which have very large amounts of people and there are only about 4-5 but there were about 10-12 of these small workshops, these included ones about singing, dance, learning to hear God's voice, evangelism, preaching, creative writing etc. I was originally thinking about the 'learning to hear God's voice' one but it was full by the time I got to the list so in the end I chose (after much deliberation) to go with the 'Passion of Preaching'.
My group had only about 12 people in it and was led by Ali Martin (previously MacInnes). It was really awesome and she talked about lots of things involved in preaching including preparation and delivery. Some of the preparation things were tips like go on the internet and research other people's sermons on the same subject, use other books like 'Unlocking the bible', 'New Bible Commentary' and concordances. Also to just write down thoughts without thinking about structure all the time and stuff. Will properly write up my notes and shove them on here eventually (they can also be useful for general presentationy things). So yeah, did that also went to the seminar between the two sections of workshop but didn't go to the evening meeting as I was leaving early to go Becky's birthday thing.
Talked to Zozo for about half an hour, I've never really talked to her before so it was really cool and she is an amazing woman, really encouraging and lovely, so after we talked and she prayed for me we went off to the other warehouse to have a quick look at CDs and stuff before I ran off back home (well, got in a car and was driven for 35 minutes - throughout which I jabbered about preaching to my parents who of course were ecstatic, lol).

Then went off to Becky's birthday thing at T.G.I. Fridays which was awesome, met a few new people, arrived 15 mins late... whoops. But still all good. Got lots of (bad) photos. People there were: Becky Evs (whose birthday it was), other Becky (C), Adam (boyfriend of Becky C), Chelsea, Natalie (? - I think that was her name), Vicki, Anna, Hannah C, 2 other Hannahs I don't really know, Emma and Jess (I don't know these last two and didn't really talk to them as they were at the other end of the table). So 13 of us all together. Was good, various funny/bad pics of Becky passed round when she couldn't see so that was fun, also some left stuck on windows (as post-its) and ceiling etc. So rather amusing really. Very nice food. Fantastic company. Doing the macarena outside on the footpath afterwards. Perfect.

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