Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Back from NZ... again

Yeah, on the 25th of January my grandma passed away (I was a total wreck all morning and then put on my happy face for college), so on the 26th of January my family and I flew off to New Zealand. We spent a week at my grandma's house sorting out things, attending and participating in the funeral and burying her ashes (Thanks to Mark for the joke about grandma's recycling :P). All of it was actually quite good in the way that it gave a sense of closure, I got to see loads of cousins I haven't seen in ages and being a Christian I believe my grandma's gone to heaven so she's in a place she would rather be anyway.
In the second week me and Carol went to Welly. That was quite a holiday-esque week, did lots of shopping, saw places I haven't seen in a while etc.
So overall it was kind of ok.
When we came back it was a bit of 'back to reality' and so much to do etc.
Ech, life.

Brooke Fraser is an excellent songwriter/singer. Just so you know.


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