Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stormy weather...

Today's weather was absolutely obscene (for England). The wind was like fairly bad NZ wind but caused a lot more trouble it seems. The main events of today due to the wind were the powercut at college (in the middle of maths - still enough daylight to do maths though), powercut came back on in last period - computing (bit of a shame, we might have been able to get out of lessons!) and because of the wind blowing trees over onto the railway tracks all the trains were cancelled so I walked back from college with Tash (aww, she was being blown about so much!) and Chris - took about 45 mins to an hour. Really tired by the time I got back - actually didn't go home, went to mum's work and ended up staying there til it shut then went to grab some food and waited for my dad to pick us up to go straight to parents evening back at college and finally arrived home at about 8ish.
Heard on the news about some really bad stuff happening... 11 people were killed because of the weather today - trees/walls falling on people being pushed over by the wind. People were also caught in the sea in a small lifeboat (after their cargo boat began to sink) with 40 foot waves but managed to be rescued just shaken up but not injured. People also with no power (and will therefore freeze tonight) in their houses, Food places are a bit screwed with some of their more chilled/frozen foods. Apparently it's due to a huge climate change that is happening and when it gets into 2018 on-ish there are going to be serious problems like flooding and extremely bad wind etc. It's a bit scary but I suppose we have to face it and do all we can... So yeah, today was a kind of ok-ish day for me but a much worse one for many other people.

NB: Portrait paintings: Gave Rai hers today. Note to self: Have done them now for: Tash, Kat, Tannya, Rosie, Carol, Rai. (as far as I remember).

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