Monday, July 24, 2006

Grr... Screwy Computer

Well as it says in the title, my computer is screwy which is annoying. I was halfway through this post when it restarted... Yeah anyway, catching up.
Yesterday I went with my family (and Sparkle) to see off my mummy who's gone to Malaysia to see family and friends. That should be very fun for her which is cool. She's left me at home (oh and Carol - sometimes) to fend for myself. Ah nevermind, I'll cope. I've just managed to get the washing machine to work *looks proud* lol. Yeah... I'm going to my cousin's to sleep over tonight because my mum's gone as I said, Dad won't be back coz it's Monday and Carol's gone off to the beach with old classmates to hang out (til late at night) and so I'm off to stay at Rach's, which should be fun :). Oh yes, after we dropped off mum we went to the supermarket to buy desserts and stuff and I also ended up buying two DVDs -as you do-, Ella Enchanted and You've got Mail. Both excellent films, I'm a bit of a DVD-aholic.
On Saturday I went to the church barbeque (Carol's church, not mine). I hardly knew anyone except Carol, Sparkle and Simon (who actually goes to my church). There were more teens then I expected, thought there'd just be two, me and that guy who's 'in' the services - Altar boy? No idea what you call them. In all I think there were about 5 teens, though I -being the self-conscious and a bit unconfident person that I am - didn't actually speak to any of them and instead hung around with Carol and Sparkle. Yeah so there was very nice food, very nice dessert (mm... yellow/orange fruit cheesecake - lemon? orange? Possibly orange and lemon... *ponders*) and um... interesting entertainment. It began with some adults, two with guitars and three singing, doing various songs by the beetles, then went down to the young'uns, kids about the age of 7 standing and singing bits of songs, one boy in particular had a very good voice, was confident and loud, though he didn't know all the words, at least his enthusiasm showed through. After that it deteriated to some of the kids (same age) standing and yelling things into the microphone - e.g. "You're a duck! Duck DUCK DUCK!!!", one child also spitting into the microphone and another dropping it. So yeah... interesting. At the end there was a raffle for people who had bought tickets (we hadn't), not sure what people won... Then there was a spot prize for everyone there (there were about 90-odd people) for two bottles of champagne (for two winners), the first went to someone I don't know (unsurprisingly), a woman in her fifties I think... and then the other bottle went to me! I was rather surprised lol. Haven't opened it yet, it's sitting in our fridge, mum said I should wait til she gets back but that's a month away lol so I dunno what I'll do.
Anyway, better go now, so much to do - painting, washing, hanging out, changing, packing stuff to take to Rach's, tidying etc.


Tash said...

Heya!! Sounds like you've been busy! You should've spoken to the teens at the BBQ-they might've been cute and funny!!
I'll probz see you at Kat's on friday?? xxxxxxxxx

Hazelnut said...

Yep, am going to Kat's on friday for her party :) should be fun. I would've spoken to the teens at the BBQ if someone else had been with me but I'm a bit too shy otherwise! lol