Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sing Sing Sing

I feel in a singy mood right now... have been learning 'I surrender' and I think I've got the tune and the first verse and chorus now. We're singing it next Sunday - Church Christmas thingy, I'm also in the puppet thingy and on welcome team... plus I'm bringing my friends who are sleeping over on Saturday so it should be interesting. I have to be at church at 9.30 for practise and stuff.
Went to youthgroup dinner thing last night - was very fun. Rocket balloons rule! Hehe, I really don't understand how Chris managed to pop two... and Bec popped one while I managed to blow mine up and I'm not very good at blowing up balloons... *shrugs* Yeah and the staff came over with this mini birthday cake (which Rich later pronounced 'inedible') and made me shout my name and age to everyone -standing up- before singing me happy birthday. How embarrassing, nevermind. Wasn't that bad really, but we don't know who told! We don't think anyone actually did tell... We have three theories:
1. They do it to every table (come up and say "who's birthday is it")
2. They came to the wrong table
3. They overheard us talking
Not sure how else they'd have known...

Am planning to go to the open air nativity at 4.00pm which should be interesting. Haven't been to one before so, yeah. Time to go sing more :)
Sing Sing Sing

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