Saturday, October 29, 2005


I've got a sore shoulder this morning :(. I think it's probably from carrying too many heavy bags in Rome or sleeping in the wrong position or something, it hurts! Well, got back from Rome yesterday, horrified to find furniture everywhere (No, not burglars, we had painters in while we were gone and they left the place a mess) tables in the small kitchen, stuff in the wrong places in the lounge (the room that was painted) and I couldn't get into the dining room due to there being a large armchair on it's side occupying the doorway. But we tidied up and so now it's much better, plus the painting was reasonably good and makes the room look much nicer.

Rome was pretty good. I've got some stuff about it on my site, you can find it here, but I still have to finish off linking it and do one more page of stuff. Plus I have homework to do now *sigh* on my first real day of holiday at home I've got lots of homework, typical, and I've only got one more day before I go back to school on Monday! Darn teachers giving 'half-term homework'.

I better get those Rome pages finished...

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ski said...

I'm glad that you weren't burgled because that would be bad!! Thank you for my keyring from Rome. Its cool. Slightly disappointed that Tannya got pasta and I didn't!! She was eating it raw today. Strange child. She can be very distracting when she wants to be. I think that my English essay has about a dozen 'Harry's' where there are supposed to be 'Happy's' Oh well. Must go. See you tommorrow.
P.S it is a shame that there was no festival of light this year. You could have glowed even more!!