Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hello again...

Chelsea's here, and she just choked on chilli sauce... how odd. She's sleeping over, should be interesting.
Ech, I've gotta get a flu jab tomorrow... Visit Chelsea's blog here if you like.
We're gonna take pictures for the yearbook :P and other stuff...
Wanna talk to Sarah!! Missing you.

Listening to Metamorphosis by Hilary Duff. Chelsea's CD, she brought it round. I like it...
We've listened to Kelly Clarkson as well, Breakaway. That's not too bad.

Need to listen to some of the lyrics closer really... just like the tunes lol.
Busy busy bee

1 comment:

ski said...

um..yes. thank u 4 lettin me come to your house. its nice. it smells of coffee, cookies and... carol- 3 c's!!! lol!!! the chilli hurt but now i think that maybe i will live. well, tonight, hopefully, we will watch ice princess and hopefully jinglebella will come and watch it with us and maybe not comment too much so u don't hit her and have an argument. ok, 'nuff rambling.
luv u hunny!!!!!!!!
chelsea xxxxx